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Stader Ecosystem

Leverage Stader's liquid tokens across a growing ecosystem of
protocols across chains


Open source liquidity protocol


Automated portfolio manager and trading platform

Beefy Finance

The multichain yield optimizer

Beethoven X

First next-generation AMM protocol on Fantom Opera


Digital assets financial services ecosystem


Next-generation layer-2 decentralized exchange and automated market maker

Why Stake at Coins24

Earn Crypto Rewards

Our rewards are a lot higher than what most other traditional financial institutions have to offer.

Increase Your Crypto Portfolio Value

Let your crypto work for you by setting up a steady payout.

Start Earning with Minimum Amounts

With some cryptocurrencies you earn rewards automatically, and some require a minimum amount which we've made as low as possible. We believe that everyone should have an option to earn additional rewards with their crypto.

You are Just a few Clicks Away

Nodes, contracts, positions? Doesn't matter, leave the technical stuff to us. You're good to go in just a few clicks. We'll take care of the security of your newly acquired assets as well.

What is
Coins24 Earn?

Coins24 Earn utilizes your crypto assets and puts them to work for you. You can use the crypto you already own and hold in your account or buy new assets to earn additional crypto. It works through a process called staking and inflation.

How Does
it Work?

Your assets verify and validate the blocks on the blockchain, and in return you receive rewards. Some cryptocurrencies are locked on the blockchain for a set period of time, while others have no locking period. These depend on the cryptocurrencies themselves. Either way, it's a win-win situation.

Which Assets
Can I Earn with?

You can earn by choosing any asset listed above, and we are constantly working on adding new cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for more!

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